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Character LCD Display is a dot-matrix liquid crystal module specifically for displaying letters, numbers, symbols, and the like. Character LCD, which can display 16x02 or 32 characters at the same time.
It consists of several 5X7 or 5X11 dot matrix characters. Each dot character can display one character. There is a dot interval between each bit. There is also a gap between each line, which plays the character spacing and line. The effect of spacing, because of this, it does not display graphics well.
Manufactured with strict standards, Character LCD Display is able to meet the international requirements that it is of superior quality, easy operation as well as excellent performance. And it is light in weight which is quite energy-saving with low energy consumption. It is cost effective which can reduce the cost of electricity bill.Made with strict standards and high quality control, our company is able to provide the products with high quality, which is one of the reliable manufacturers and suppliers with own factory.

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