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Splicing Large Touch Screen

With tiled display industry continues to evolve and the growing competition in the market, manufacturers have found a mosaic for the development of enterprises extremely negative phenomenon, that is, product homogeneity serious. This is not only not conducive to promote the core competitiveness, while the long-term development of the industry is extremely unfavorable. So how to break the homogeneity and form their own characteristics become mosaic makers agreed to pursue the goal.

Development of large-screen display industry has already gone through nearly two decades of ups and downs, especially in recent years with the gradual popularity of large-screen display systems, large-screen display industry in line with national information industry advocated the digital, networked, intelligent of the overall trend, in charge of the relevant government departments issued a number of policies to support industrial development, while the domestic foundation and a good momentum of economic development but also for the expansion of large-screen display industry development to create a favorable macro conditions.

Today, the large touch-screen in the security applications in various fields are very common, from a global market perspective, mosaic wall technology also tend to be more specialized, systematic and comprehensive solution. According to incomplete statistics, the global demand for video wall market in recent years has maintained a 30% annual increments, which the Chinese market is particularly prominent. Through diversified development track, big-screen development advantages still, market alive.

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